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Serpentine Woods Kendal

Serpentine Woods Kendal
Rat Carving - part of the alphabet trail
Shortest/Longest route - miles
1.00 / 1.00
Difficulty level: Easy going
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A family walk starting at the Town Hall, Kendal up into the Serpentine Woods and an optional extra of Castle Howe (the old site of Kendal Castle). In addition to the walk there are fun activities and features to spot to keep younger children entertained throughout.

Serpentine Woods from Kendal Town Hall

Serpentine Woods from Kendal Town Hall

(including Castle Howe and the Brewery Arts Centre)



Start: Town Hall, Kendal.                                                

1. At the Town Hall there is something known locally as ?CA STEEAN? and was part of the market cross. What is it?


Cross the main Road and go up All Hallows Lane.

2. How high is the chimney on the left?


Carry on up onto Beast Banks.

3. There is someone sitting on the roof of one of the houses on the left (no.21). Can you see him and who is he?


Take a right onto Mount Pleasant leading to Serpentine Road.

4. The house ?Mount Pleasant? has a lot of chimneys- how many can you see?


Cross the road at ?Bleak House? and take the steps at barriers into Serpentine Woods.

5. What can you not take into these woods?


Take the right path and follow the arrows on the posts

6. Count all the posts with arrows on as you walk around the woods. Some have numbers on, some don?t.


After the second post, turn right. Turn right again at the third post.

7. At the post numbered 4 there is an unusual tree. It is called a Wellingtonia. How is it different from the other trees around it?


Take a right at the next junction & left at the next arrow. Go through the gap in the wall and turn left past post 5. Go into a clearing with views over North Kendal and follow path back up into woods.

8. At the arrowed post following no 6 there is something looking at you from up in the tree. What is it?


Pass a bench on the left hand side.

9. What metal punctuation mark is hanging on the tree ahead?



10. Pass another carved animal. What is it this time? Are you still counting the arrowed posts?


At post 7 there is a platform where there was once a cannon which fired at  1pm every day. Continue around the bend.

11. What is making it?s home in the first tree on the left?


12. Further along Mary Poppins might have left something in the tree by the next arrow, but what is it?


Into a clearing

13. Here you?ll find a musical instrument and a toy. What are they?


Go through a wall into a lane. Turn left. Turn left again following the path back into the woods (just above a lane called Skewbarrow Top).

14. When was the Summer House built?

No more arrowed posts to count.!!!


Take the right-hand path back down to the road. Cross over to ?Bleak House? and go right, back down Serpentine Road and Mount Pleasant.

15. As you go down these roads there is something carved into a gate post. What are they and how many of them can you see?


Either return down to the Town Hall (the way you came) or visit the monument at Castle Howe. To do this wlak on path above the grassed area, cross over Beast Banks and turn right. There is a gap in the wall on the left. Follow the grassed path to the right and up the steps to the monument.

16. When was the monument built?


From the monument take a left and down more staeps, over the grass to an information board & viewing platform towards the ?new? castle ruins. (another walk). Go down the steps. (Turning left leads you back to Beast Banks, and going down this will lead you back to the Town Hall.). Turn right and use one of the doors in the wall on the left which indicate that you can go through the Brewery Arts Centre in daylight hours. In the Brewery grounds go down the steps and look out for:

17. a) an old lamp :- how many lions are on this?


17. b) an old clock :- When was this made?


Join the main street and turn left back to the Town Hall.



















1.      Foundation Stone

2.      70 feet (21.3 metres)

3.      Miles Thompson

4.      12 ( 6 on each side)

5.      Horses

6.      9 numbered (1-8 & 10), 12 not numbered. Total 21

7.      It has a reddy orange bark

8.      Owl

9.      A question mark

10.  Rat

11.  Spider ( & web)

12.  Umbrella

13.  Xylophone & Yo-Yo

14.  1904

15.  5 faces

16.  1788

17.  a) 4

17. b) 1931